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My name is Marvin Draper


I have known Robert for the past 17 years now. The way we met were on not so good terms for me at the time. I sure am glad that it was Mr. McWhirter that was assigned to me though.


Robert was very professional and would not allow me to feel guilty for what had happened or what I had done. I was sure that I was going to spend some time in jail or prison but Mr. Mcwhirter fought very hard and his counter responses and questions were aggressive that the other party didn’t know how to respond. It was like he was always a couple steps ahead. With his attitude and knowledge of the court system, it made me more comfortable in speaking up for myself. To this day Mr. McWhirter would have forgotten about me and moved on since he was just appointed to me , But Mr. McWhirter keeps in constant contact with me to see how my family and I are doing. I think of Mr. McWhirter as a very close friend now.


I would not hesitate to recommend Robert at any time. Thanks for being there for me and my family Robert.


Thanks again

Marvin Draper